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Fujian Sanming Zhengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is the Chinese leading manufacture of  precipitated silica,  supplying a wide range of high-quality silica products, backed by research centre and professional service that is dedicated to fulfilling the specific demands of customers. We concentrate on the products development and improvement consistently, with the aim to provide customers with best economic value.

The annual capacity of precipitated silica (also known as silicon dioxide) is 60,000 tons, serving the diversified markets, including rubber, tires, feed, silicon gel, coating and et cetera. For the sodium silicate, one of the raw material of silicon dioxide, the annual capacity is 180,000 tons, ensuring the stability and high-quality of our products. In 2015, Zhengyuan’s more than 240 employees generated sales of around RMB 288 million. And around 25 percent of sales are generated outside China, providing convincing evidence that our business is global. 

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